Continuous Investment on the state of art equipment/machinery  ensure the  sustainable  quality & efficiency, maximizing  customer value.

Main  Equipments:

MAKINO CNC Machining Centre: 5 sets
Lathe & Milling Combined Machine:
1 sets  (LG/Mazak)
EDM: 15 sets (MAKINO/Sodick)
Mazak CNC  Turning  Machine: 4
WEDM : 2 sets (Sodick/ +GF+)
Grinding Machine: 28  sets

Reliable Quality Assurance rely on Advanced Inspection Instrument
and an experienced  QA team (15 members) 

Main Equipments:

2D Measure Instrument: 2 sets (TESA Swiss, LH)
Coordinate Measurement Machine : 1sets  (Hexagon)
Projector: 2Sets
Image Measuring Instrument: 1 set (VTM)
Hardness Tester: 1 set
Roundness  Tester : 1 set
Rough Meter: 1set